Dear Riverside Students and Parents,

Riverside is celebrating its Arts Week from 25th to 28th May at the Crossroads in Prague.  We would like you to be part of a celebratory project to launch the event.

​We would like​ everyone to get involved: present and previous students and staff, friends and families.

Please could you aim for at least 5 people across the world to get involved by creating an art message on an envelope (doodle, cartoon, detailed drawing, painting, whatever!) and send it to the school.  All envelopes will be displayed at our Arts Week venue - Prague Crossroads in May.

(Instructions are in the letter below).

Envelopes must arrive before the middle of May!


Google file of images taken from internet - initial inspiration was www.mailmeart.com

Please use the email below to send to your family and friends around the world.  Thank you and have fun!​

​Best wishes,


The Riverside Art Department​



Hi there!

You have been nominated by Riverside School http://www.riversideschool.cz/ to take part in The Envelope Project in Prague, Czech Republic!

As part of our incredible Arts Week, your work will be shown at the amazing Prague Crossroads venue http://www.praguecrossroads.com, during our expressive arts showcase event in May.

We want to celebrate our international family, and want to involve as many people across the world as possible…

It’s easy to take part!

• ​Find a blank envelope and set about transforming it into a piece of art

• ​Interpret the theme ‘I have a dream’ in ANY way you wish –try to be imaginative, creative, and unusual

• ​Draw, doodle, cartoon, in whatever medium you like (pen, pencil, watercolour, crayon)

• It’s up to you what you send inside your envelope – maybe something from your country – e.g. a postcard, photograph, letter

• Don’t forget – please let us know where in the world your envelope has come from!!!

• Stamp and address your arty envelope to:

‘I have a dream’ – senders please write this in your native language!

Art Department

Riverside School

Roztocka 43/9


Prague 6


Czech Republic

Nominate more friends and family across the world to take part in Riverside’s Envelope Project!