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What curriculum does Riverside offer?

Riverside follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum; the National Curriculum of England and Wales in the Primary and Junior High Schools and the University of Cambridge IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma programmes in the High School.

What languages are taught at Riverside?

All classes are conducted in English except for modern foreign language classes. French, German, Spanish, Latin and Czech are offered from the Primary School onwards. Students not fluent in English receive daily English as an Additional Language (EAL) instruction.

As part of the IB Diploma Programme, students may continue to study their native language even if it is not offered as part of the Riverside curriculum. Such students study their language on a self-taught basis with the assistance of an external language teacher. Riverside will help to organise these classes.

Must my child be fluent in English to attend Riverside?

As an international school, Riverside has students representing more than 40 different nationalities. Many join Riverside with no English at all.

To support our international population, Riverside offers additional English language support at all grade levels.

What extracurricular opportunities are available for Riverside students?

Riverside has an extensive after school programme of creative, artistic, sporting, skills for life and outdoor adventure activities.

Please refer to the Skills for Life section of the school website.

The Early Years School also runs a wide variety of after school clubs and an extended day programme to 5.00pm.

My child is currently in a very different school system. How will Riverside know the level of work to which he/she is capable?

During the admission process, the Principal and Admissions Officer will go through the previous school reports and documents. This will give a good picture of your child and his/her abilities. We will also take into consideration the recommendations from your child’s previous school.

If we need more information, we will contact you before your child is offered a place at Riverside.

Do Czech students need special authorisation to attend Riverside?

Czech students are jointly registered with a local Czech school where they sit examinations on an annual basis.

Riverside prepares its Czech students for these examinations through weekly Czech lessons and our students achieve a high rate of success.

Riverside is recognised by the Ministry of Education as a school providing an approved, alternative education programme.

Does Riverside provide meals?

Hot lunches are available provided by an external caterer. Alternatively, some students bring a lunchbox. There is an additional charge for a hot meal.

How do Riverside students get to school?

The majority of students in Junior High and above come to school by an efficient public transport network. Many younger children are brought by car.

Shuttle buses run each morning and evening between the Early Years, Primary and Junior High School and also to and from Namesti Miru, Smichov, Horomerice, Nebusice and Dejvice.

Are parents allowed to wait for their child during school hours within the school?

Parents have their own parent rooms in the Early Years and Primary Schools and there are active PTA’s in each school. Parents are welcome throughout the school day.

What opportunities are there for parent involvement?

There are a good number of ways in which Riverside parents are involved in the school through activities, class reading, school trips and through the PTA’s. Riverside parents are an integral part of the life of the school.

What is the average class size in each school section?

The maximum class and tutor group size is 18. In the High School classes can be smaller for some specialist subjects, where the teacher/student ratio is 1:8.

Does Riverside offer standardised testing?

In Years 1-9, Riverside students sit the GL Progress Series Assessments for both Maths and Literacy, based on the UK Curriculum. These provide attainment results in comparison to UK norms, as well as a measure of expected progress from year to year. They also set a benchmark in both numeracy and literacy skills for our students.

At the end of Year 11, students sit the International General Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (IGCSE’s) through the University of Cambridge.

At the end of Year 13 (Grade 12) students sit the International Baccalaureate Diploma and High School Diploma examinations.

All new students and students in Years 3, 6, 9 and 12 sit the CAT4 Baseline assessment in order to better supply the school and teachers with student information related to competency potentials, learning styles and biases. They also allow for better provision of support and planning for an individualized approach to teaching.

Students in Years 2-13 take the PASS student survey to enable the school to interpret individual and group data related to student attitudes towards school and themselves. This again allows further insight to better support and plan for Riverside’s student population.


How does Riverside inform me of my child’s progress?

We keep parents fully informed of their child’s progress on a formal and informal basis. We conduct parent/teacher conferences three times each year and these will provide parents with a good indication of how their child is performing. The School also provides school reports at the end of each term in Junior and Senior High and at the end of the first and third term in the Early Years and Primary Schools.

What Years will receive a laptop computer to take home and how is technology used to support teaching and learning at Riverside?

Years 6 to 13 receive a laptop computer for use at school. Years 7 to 13 may take them home. These are returned each summer break for clean-up and reconfiguration. Children in lower years have access to ipads, notebooks and computers. Interactive white boards are available in each classroom.

How does Riverside perform in comparison with other high performing international schools?

Riverside has consistently attained a success rate of 90% or above in the IB Diploma. This excellent achievement compares well with the worldwide average of 78% .

Our graduates move on to universities around the world, with the UK and US being the most popular destinations. A full list of universities where our graduates have been accepted can be found on the university placement page.

How does Riverside monitor its standards?

Riverside is accredited by the Council of International Schools, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the Council of British International Schools, the Independent Schools Council and as a British School Overseas. Riverside’s standards are therefore constantly under review, as the school regularly undergoes accreditation and inspections by these highly respected bodies.

As an IB school, Riverside also undergoes regular evaluation visits and a 5-year review programme by the IB to ensure that implementation of the programme meets the standards established by the IB.

Will my child fit in when he or she goes to a non-international school after attending Riverside?

Yes, we believe that the approaches to learning that students acquire during their time at Riverside will help them build confidence to adapt to changes and be resourceful in seeking the knowledge they require.

We also keep in touch with our alumni and regularly hear about the good progress the students are making in their new schools and Universities.

What kind of experience and qualifications do teachers at Riverside have?

Riverside teachers come from across the English speaking world, in particular the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our French, German, Spanish and Czech teachers primarily teach in their first language. In addition to being teaching certified graduates many of our teaching staff hold higher degrees.

Teachers are fully qualified in the subjects they teach and all teachers undergo regular evaluation and training.

Please see the ‘Employment’ section of the school website to find details of the recruitment process and information about working at Riverside.

Does Riverside have a school uniform?

Yes, Riverside students wear a school uniform in the school colours of blue, white, red and black. In the High School students have a colour code and dress up to come to school. The corporate image in the High School is that of future men and women about town.

How does Riverside respond to students with particular needs, gifts and talents?

We recognise that all our students have their own needs, their talents and skills and do all we can to draw these from them through academic subjects, sport, the arts and drama. Specialist teaching staff throughout the school provide support, teaching and advice for students with particular needs and to extend the gifted and talented.

Does Riverside have a Careers, Guidance and towards Higher Education programme?

Riverside prepares students for higher education and the world of work from an early age. In the High School Counsellors, Careers and Guidance Staff work closely with the students preparing them for future courses and fields of study. The dialogue continues with students when they are at University and College in order to receive useful information on the choices made.

Universities Attended

Riverside graduates have been accepted to some of the most prestigious universities around the world.

School Accreditations

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