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We have the following Routes to School each morning:

We currently operate 3 main bus lines to/from the following areas:
Yellow – Prague 5 (Smichov)
Green – Prague 1, 2
Red – Horoměřice, Nebušice

We also operate a free Riverside School shuttle bus between the High School (Hradcanska), Early Years (Bubenec) and Primary (Sedlec) sites (part of the Green Line).

There is a choice of two afternoon buses, one which departs immediately after school and a second which departs after clubs.

An English speaking stewardess will accompany each route.

School Bus timetables are subject to change.

Should you have any questions or if you would like us to consider an area/stop which is not currently listed please do not hesitate to contact transport@riversideschool.cz.



Riverside School Bus Pass Info 2023-24





There is no fee connected with the Hradčanská and Early Years shuttle buses, and parents can choose when they wish their child to use this transport, even if the child is not registered for the bus service. However, the office (transport@riversideschool.cz) must be informed until 2 pm of those children taking the free morning shuttle bus and the afternoon shuttle buses (if not registered for regular use).
Riverside parents may use the Hradčanská bus, but only if there are free seats after all students have boarded.


These lines incur a fee. We are unable to provide flexible service on these lines, and one-off attendance is not possible.
The bus service must be booked in advance for the full term, not for individual days.


Health and Safety is our priority for students using Riverside shuttle buses.
We cannot leave students in the care of other parents unless we have received permission through a phone call or email. If parents are unable to collect their child at the bus stop, your child will stay on the bus under the supervision of the stewardess and will return to Riverside School.
Please read carefully The Transportation Policy.
Please inform us immediately if there are any health and safety concerns in relation to the shuttle busses.


Junior High and High School students may book in advance or choose a “step-on/step-off” service for the free shuttle bus service where they do not need to book in advance. For Junior High and High School students who use the step-on/step-off service, it is their responsibility to be at the bus on time or to make their own way home in the afternoon.

The step-on/step-off service is not available for Primary or Early Years students.



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